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As outside general counsel to all sizes of businesses, Ms. La Barbera handles a broad array of general business matters.  Her business work includes setting up corporations and other business entities as well as handling the ever-important ongoing maintenance of those businesses.  She is frequently called in to clean up the corporate mess that occurs when small businesses are less than vigilant in keeping up with their corporate formalities. She handles a wide variety of business needs and general contract matters, such as preparation and review of contractor agreements, employment agreements, asset purchase agreements, licensing, and sales and purchasing agreements.


Ms. La Barbera also has been involved with a number of merger/acquisition transactions for small, medium and large sized companies.  She has handled these matters through her work at both mega law firms as well as in her solo practice.


In her work at large international law firms, Ms. La Barbera has represented numerous Fortune 500 companies.  She has both prosecuted and defended corporate and securities litigation proceedings, and she has served as outside counsel to special litigation committees in evaluating board action in shareholder derivative suits.  It is her work in corporate litigation that has made Ms. La Barbera keenly aware of the multitude of problems that can arise when businesses are not properly maintained.  Contact her to learn more about how she can assist you.



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